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Best exotic locations for destination wedding in India
Vinay Lohiya
Jun 16, 2017
Best exotic locations for destination wedding in India, India is diverse the country and have excellent wedding destinations for the wedding purposes, we have the Himalayas in Kashmir and beaches in Kanayakumari, from North to South and East to West we have a pleasant, historical cities with rcih culture and fascinating traditions and wearing locations for wedding and outing too.
What is Destination Vivaah
Vinay Lohiya
Jun 15, 2017
Weddings / Vivaah / Shaadi all are having the same in the sense but when we add Destination to it, it will create a difference in typical general wedding and out of the box destination wedding. By the name destination wedding it is associated to some dream or pleasure place where they can enjoy and have fun to celebrate their most wonderful day of their life in different way.